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Baltimore Hydroponics

Baltimore Hydroponics carries a variety of products nationally recognized. Whether you’re looking for lights, nutrients, ballast, carbon filters, soil mediums such as coco or rock wool, we have it all.

Our company has an aggressive line of insecticides, fungicides and disease control products that are organic and toxic free to your plants. We have an extensive line of hydroponic and aeroponic systems as well as flood and drain systems. We also carry drip systems which are very similar to the ebb and flow system. If a product is not in stock, normally we can have it here within 24 hours.

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Do you need gardening supplies? Come to Baltimore Hydroponics today at 813 Eastern Blvd. in Essex or call us at 410-238-7891 if you have any questions.

Baltimore Hydroponics - Gardening Supplies - Essex, MD
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